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Dismantling process

In recent years between 1.8 and 2.4 million new vehicles are registered annually in the UK, consequently over 2 million vehicles come to the end of their lives each year, these vehicles are classed as hazardous waste until they have been treated by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). ASWR is a fully permitted ATF, specialising in BMW’s, we are registered and regulated by the Environment Agency.

We at ASWR choose suitable BMW’s for our company. Each BMW’s details are logged then the vehicle is fully checked and tested by one of our team paying particular attention to engines and mechanical components which are tested extensively and double checked for any leaks or faults.

Our industry is strictly regulated by the Environment Agency and there are rigid guidelines as to handling the waste produced, so once vehicles have been checked and tested we follow a strict dismantling procedure, the first thing removed is the battery, then the doors are removed and stored, the vehicle is loaded onto a ramp and all Oils, Engine Coolant/Screen Wash and the refrigerant from the air conditioning system are drained and stored for removal to the appropriate treatment facility as specified via current legislation, all components are removed, items for sale are shelved and items that are surplus to requirements or damaged are stripped and stored for recycling. Un-deployed airbags are classed as explosives so these need to be removed and handled appropriately. The remaining shell is then checked before it is classed as de-polluted and thus no longer hazardous waste.

Any useable parts are then cleaned, tested, labelled and offered to the public and trade industry. However, no parts taken from the impact area from an accident damaged BMW are sold, for example, if a vehicle had N/S/F damage, all of the suspension components from that area would be removed as part of the depollution process and then processed for recycling.

The remaining chassis is then taken to our local scrap metal merchant for crushing and recycling